The owners of the domain name “Ebola” will be able to earn good!

The cost of a domain name “ebola.rf” belonging to the company “Barracuda”, estimated at one million euros, and domain – only 50 000 euros.

According to the information at the moment ebola.rf domain is nothing more than a web-site – plug. E. A resource redirects Internet users to form due to the domain owner for asking questions about purchasing it. Currently owned by LLC “Barracuda” is about 5,500 domain names. Directly owned enterprise Andrei Lapenkova.

According to a domain investor Paul Gross Dneprova voiced the cost of domain names and ebola.rf more than overpriced. Moreover, this practice is already a standard event for the World Wide Web and is repeated at a certain frequency. As an example, Mr. Gross-Dnepr cited the case with the domain name, the value of which at the peak of popularity chats reached one million US dollars. Now this domain very few people interested, even for free.

The situation is analogous to domain names, such as “ebola.rf» or «», which will be interested in no longer than a deadly virus is rampant in the world spaces.

A similar opinion was firm and the owner of the domain Salenames – Robert Ironing service. Russian owners of domain names related to the Ebola virus, could well earn their sale only if the fever epidemic will be recorded on the territory of the Russian Federation. Otherwise, the “red” price and ebola.rf – is EUR 20 000.

Anyway, the owners ebola.rf and firmly believe in the successful sale of its projects, acting like his colleagues – internet entrepreneur John Shultsema, sell the domain of Weed Growth Fund 200 000 USD.