Is there a future for the new domain .rf?

Russia was one of the first domain in its alphabet. This event was publicized at the highest level. Thus, Medvedev said: “This event has not only technological, but also political implications. In the history of the Internet for the first time. And this state of affairs will be in a different position our country at such a boundless market for goods, services, knowledge, and other things like the internet.”

Domains .rf began work on November 25 and it is registered sites exclusively with Cyrillic writing domain address. One of the first page has been reserved for the benefit of rossiya.rf government agencies. Reserved her Coordination Center for TLD RU (KC).

Russia was the first country in the network addresses in their native language, but in the near future and other countries acquire national domains. ICANN’s so over already received a number of applications. Egypt, too, will get the first Arabic domain

The main idea of online supporters split along linguistic lines is not considered isolation of the individual zones, as it seems at first glance. “This is the first step towards the internationalization of the Internet. For millions of people from the Middle East, Asia, Russia, which is not used in everyday life in Roman letters, the Internet will be available “, – said Rod Beckstrom, the head of the organization of the ex-head of the National Center for Cybersecurity US in Seoul at the conference ICANN.

Russian owners of websites ending in .ru, friendly attitude to this initiative. Many companies are planning to open a “mirror” of the sites in this domain zone. But the Russian Internet bloggers believe that the new domain will be another trough for cybersquatters and registrars.

Carriers of state symbols and trademark owners first gained the right to get in Cyrillic zone. 15 companies accredited KC gave the right to register sites in Cyrillic zone. The main requirements for registrars: The address must contain only Cyrillic allowed hyphens and numbers, the address must fully comply with the writing of the trademark.

The cost of a single address in the new domain zone ranges from 1.2 thousand to 10 thousand rubles. Ultimately, the price depends on the registrar.

Protection against impostors will be developed very carefully. Cybersquatting – that is, the capture of addresses on the network, coinciding with the brand names, to ensure that these same domains in the future sell the brands to their rightful owners. Also called cybersquatters and those who sell overpriced catchy domain addresses.

Naturally the public wakes up from this interest in the new domain .rf. Cybersquatters will try to capture popular words such as “money”, “vodka”, “sex” and others. However, the auction purchase cybersquatters addresses to connect to the end, when you can buy these names at the lowest possible cost, and, in all likelihood, at this point type domains dengi.rf have long to be sold.

Ian Nevstruev – invader domains with five years’ seniority, does not plan to buy anything in the domain .rf. Today Nevstruev owns about 1,000 addresses in the zone .ru. “In the new area, I do not believe, unlike most of my colleagues – he says. – Individuals believe that will be profitable to sell the whole sentences or long phrases, but I think that those pages will be used only for side needs: increased memorability name of the organization or company, or to address fraudsters or competitors stake. “